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With more than 400 customers , JointBIT is one of the largest email marketing providers in Europe.

Looking for the best Email Marketing Agency to manage your email campaigns? Below is our complete* hand curated list of full-service email marketing and marketing automation that we can deliver.

JointBIT is a fast growing business that responds to our partners needs for practical business and marketing services to turn their innovative ideas into successful business ventures. Also one of our top business direction is email marketing and technology solutions agency. We provide to our clients expert end-to-end campaign services including strategy, management, programming, and creative.

Services combined with our technology help our clients create and deliver the most effective email marketing campaigns.

Our JointBIT email marketing software offers an impressive array of unique customization options, a high level of security and easy operation. Create personalized mailings or multi-stage email campaigns with just a few clicks. Thanks to comprehensive analytics features, you always have an overview of key performance indicators for monitoring results.

An experienced consulting team is available to provide you with the required email marketing expertise. JointBIT consulting supports your specific needs – from individual workshops and optimal newsletter design all the way to full-service shipping. We are on hand to assist you.


Maximum security and deliverability

The security of your data is our top priority. JointBIT therefore adheres to the highest standards of privacy and transparency. To optimize the reach of your email campaigns, we actively participate in major initiatives in the online-marketing sector and work closely with whitelisting organizations.

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